Sometimes when you're driving through Maine, you really never know what you're going to see. A family of turkeys sunbathing in the middle of a major road, someone trying to tap a telephone pole for water in the way you'd tap a tree for sap, or maybe even some UFOs.

Where in Maine was Sasquatch seen?

But this past weekend? I don't think anyone could've prepared Mainers for what was spotted in Cornish in the parking lot of Krista's Restaurant...

Sasquatch. Laying down. In an almost compromising position, with quite possibly the only thing keeping it from being Not Safe For Work is a raccoon.

No, seriously. Look.

Sasquatch spotted in Cornish from r/Maine

Reddit user Reckless85 came across that sight in his travels and clearly had to document it for the rest of the internet. Wouldn't you?

Now, absolute hilarity of this picture aside, in all seriousness, this is AMAZING. The skill that went into making this actually a good piece of art, and the detail -- whoever designed this has some serious talent. And whoever drives this truck has some serious sense of humor.

What would you do if you drove by that truck on the highway? Laugh? Be disgusted? Give the driver a thumbs up as you pass by? A different finger perhaps? Either way, in a really wonky year, this is the kind of out-of-this-world hilarity that I think we all didn't realize we needed.

Plus -- "Bigfoot and the Raccoon" seems like a decent band name for outdoor dining entertainment in Maine this summer, doesn't it?

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