Before my full time days in radio, I spent years working in kitchens. I always chose to work in the back of the house. Kitchen work was good to me, and paid the the bills. And chefs get a certain credibility with the rest of the world. You can make food. that's not something everyone can do. So historically, people always treat chefs pretty well.

But, one thing I've definitely never understood, is why some people have always looked down on being a server. I couldn't do it. Never. I have zero tolerance for rude people, and that is pretty much 80%of a server's job. That takes a level of patience that most folks don't have. you have to be able to smile, while you're being told you're the most idiotic person on Earth.

But here's the part I've always found bizarre. Some people that work a regular 9-5 job, often for some reason, think they're in a "better" position in life than a server. Now, it's hard work that takes mostly nights and weekends if you want to make any money. But that's just the thing... you make money!!!

Servers, compared to back of the house, work about 10-15 hours less a week than a cook, and on average, I would say make 1.5 to 2 times as much money. And again, that's not to say they don't work hard. Well, some don't, but they usually don't last.

I know many people that put themselves through college by waiting tables, only to turn around and never put their degree to use because they make more money serving. For real! Some servers, especially in fine dining, can make upwards of $50K a year! That ain't bad for a gig that often doesn't come anywhere near 40 hours a week.

So be nice to your server today. They literally make their money the oldest-fashioned way there is.... by simply busting their butts. What have you done for them today? Just try smiling and saying thank you. I guarantee, it will make for an extremely positive experience. For both of you.


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