Back in January, you might remember that a great black hawk was rescued from Deering Oaks Park in Portland. It had gotten trapped in a snow storm and its poor little feet became stricken with pretty intense frostbite. the bird was taken to Avian Haven in Freedom, and was treated at the time.

Days later, after removing some of the hawk's toes, and trying to mitigate the damage done by the frostbite, the bird had to be euthanized because caregivers determined that the hawk would not be able to function normally again because the damage was just too extensive, says the Bangor Daily News.

The little feathered friend won the hearts of folks all over the state. Mostly because of its extreme rarity. Great black hawks are indigenous to Central and South America, and generally never make it farther than Mexico. So, folks from the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife have mounted the bird, and it will be on display at the Maine State Museum in Augusta.

It's a fitting tribute for a brave bird that went way beyond its comfort zone. Literally. It's a tropical bird that was in Maine in the winter, so it seems like the least we could do. Proof positive, once again, that maybe we'd all be happier down south for the winter. Come this time next year, I'll meet you all in Florida!

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