Governor Paul Lepage has pardoned a dog that was ordered euthanized after it attacked two other dogs, killing one of them.

The husky named Dakota was due to be put to death after attacking two smaller dogs. The first incident involved a pug that died of its injuries. In the second attack, a pekinese survived after being bitten. Dakota was turned over to the Waterville Humane Society as a stray, and then adopted by a new owner who had  no idea of the dog's history or that there was an open court date.

Staff at the Humane Society told WABI-TV that Dakota did very well in the behavioral test that's done on all strays turned over to the shelter. The only red flags that came up were that the dog doesn't like to have her legs touched or her feet squeezed. They said she did very well in the dog-to-dog test. But, when the case went to court, a judge ordered Dakota to be euthanized.

Now, Governor LePage has stepped in and pardoned Dakota, saving her life. He said, in a media release, that the new owners weren't given due process because they didn't even know about the proceedings when they adopted the dog. In addition, he commented that Dakota is a sweet dog with her new owners.

Prosecutors are not so sure that he has the authority to intervene. But an associate professor at Husson University told TV-5 that, since the dog was taken to and sentenced in court, the Governor has that authority. The District Attorney's office is reviewing the case.

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