Legal matters affect us all at some point or other, whether it's a speeding ticket, dispute with a landlord, or unpaid bills...and often, legal advice can be very expensive. even for people who have plenty of money. But thanks to the folks from the Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project, and the Bangor Public Library,  you may able to get some direction in whatever legal matter may be presenting itself in your life.

On October 9th, from 3:00p.m. - 7:00p.m., folks from the VLP will be there to help get you pointed in the right direction. They can often help find lawyers right in the area who can take the case at a reduced rate, or even pro bono. Their basic requirement is that folks must be living at 200% below the national poverty level. However, the vetting process is very involved, so don't miss it because you assume you're not qualified.

Originally beginning as an offshoot of the Pine Tree Legal Assistance program, the VLP became it's own entity in 2017. According to a description from the event page:

The VLP has a small staff that recruits, trains, manages, and supports volunteers. In most VLP cases, the legal assistance is provided by pro bono attorney volunteers. Student and community volunteers conduct intake interviews, provide legal information, organize events, and help develop new service projects.

If this sounds like you for any reason, set some time aside for this event. Legal hassles are something you should never handle alone. The old saying goes, the man who represents himself, has a fool for a client. So, don't let that be you!

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