Want to send your kid to the moon? Or to Mars?

You can admit it. Not to them, but to yourself. You can send them, and for free.

Challenger Learning Center of Maine has two free virtual missions for homeschool students.

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On Friday, Feb. 4, there's a mission for Grade 3 to 6 kids

And Friday, Feb. 11, the mission is for grades 6 to 9

This is a space simulation that you’ll log into from home, but it’s limited to 12 students for each session. Reach out now to pre-register.

Challenger Learning Center has also announced its Summer Camp schedule for 2022. There are both in-person and virtual opportunities beginning June 27 and running until August 26.  Just a heads up, if you are considering camp for your kid, don’t wait to register. They sell out.

There will be partial and full scholarships and also a military discount for currently serving parents or guardians.

But before we get to summer, there is also an in-person 5-day camp for February vacation. It sells out fast too.

No matter when, if Challenger Learning Center is in your child’s future get ready to hear:

“That was awesome, Mom”


“Best camp ever, Dad”


”All the way to the Moon, Alice”


“If humanity doesn’t land on Mars in my lifetime, I would be very disappointed.- Elon Musk”


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