A Bangor woman is facing charges after allegedly stealing packages left on another person's front porch.

Veronica Smith, 28, is charged with theft and receiving stolen property, according to a news release. She was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly stealing parcel packages from the porch of another Bangor resident.

Homeowner Tom Pasternack told WABI-TV that he was fed up with having packages stolen, so he set up a camera and an alarm that would alert him whenever anyone stepped on his front porch. He put two dummy packages out as bait and waited, calling police when Smith arrived.

Detectives executed a search warrant at Smith's home on Thursday and found incriminating evidence. There's no word on what types of items were stolen because police say this investigation is ongoing.

Any Bangor residents who are missing delivered packages from outside their homes within the past few months are asked to contact Detective Jose Vidaurri at (207) 947-7382, extension 5752.

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