The Maine-based Farmer's Almanac is predicting a very snowy winter from Maryland to Maine.

If the Almanac's calculations are right, we could be looking at a white Christmas and beyond. The 200-year-old publication uses a secret formula that dates back to 1818 to make predictions about weather each year.

This year's forecast calls for a lot of snow in the Northeast with five significant coastal storms. Central regions of the country should expect cold temperatures, with dry conditions out west, and wet weather for the southeastern states.

There are many who swear by the Farmer's Almanac, but it's not always right. Last winter, the Farmer's Almanac predicted heavy snow in the Midwest and milder temperatures in the Mid-Atlantic states, neither of which materialized.

Mother Nature has a mind of her own, so we'll just have to wait to find out if the Almanac is right. But, in the meantime, you might want to get your skis ready and find a reliable person to plow your driveway, just in case!

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