Thanksgiving is just a couple days away, and I imagine the servers at Google probably heat up to just about the temp you could actually cook a turkey, from all the people making last minute searches for the perfect recipe. But what are Mainers searching for the most this week?

Well, I was cruising Facebook, and the was a post from News Center Maine, that had a map of the United States, with the food that each state has been searching the most leading up to Thanksgiving. And when I saw Maine's most searched side dish, I almost fell out of my chair.


For real. Mainers have searched for potatoes the most. Have we forgotten where we live? Have we forgotten our state's largest cash crop? Have we forgotten that kids up in the county used to get extra time off from school because it was all-hands-on-deck to harvest the spuds?!

And get this... it was a generic search! Other states, like Oregon and Alaska, searched for mashed potatoes. Delaware looked for sweet potatoes. But us Mainers? We have apparently abandoned our favorite starchy tuber. To think that we're all just sitting around searching for any new info about potatoes, just willy-nilly around the internet, is downright appalling.

Get it together Maine. Turkey Day is just two days away. If you haven't figured out what to do with your blessed potatoes by now, there may not be any hope. Your 100% solid on how to cook a turkey to temp without killing people, but you still need to do a quick potato search? Where are your priorities?!

Anyway, I'm gonna go spend some quality time on the internet looking for worthwhile things, like how many pieces of candy corn I could potentially fit in my mouth, or how many Sam Hunts would hunt Sams if Sam Hunt hunted Sams. But certainly, not potatoes.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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