Dakota the Husky, who received a pardon from the Governor after being ordered euthanized for attacking two dogs, will not be put to death.

Kennebec County District Attorney Maeghan Maloney sat down with the 4-year-old dog's former owners last week to discuss options for Dakota's future, and their agreement was approved by a judge yesterday. The dog had been ordered to be euthanized after the second attack in March, pardoned by the Governor, and then the original order upheld in court. His former owners appealed the decision, saying that the dog has been a good, well-behaved family dog ever since the second attack and asking that his life be spared.

The BDN reports the agreement arrived at on Monday will send Dakota to a veterinary hospital somewhere in Maine, that offers a boarding kennel. He'll be trained by a canine behavior expert and, if he is successful with his training, will eventually be adopted out once again. The names of the hospital and trainer are being withheld, at their request. There will be some restrictions to his adoption, including a requirement that he wear a muzzle whenever he's in public, and be kept on a short leash. Dakota has been banned from the city of Waterville, where the two attacks on the same neighbor's two dogs took place.

As for the question about whether the Governor has the authority to pardon a dog that's been sentenced to be euthanized, it remains unanswered, at this point. But, for Dakota, it may have brought just enough attention to the case to allow a second chance at life.

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