It's been several weeks now, and it seems little Enoch McGovern is recovering quite nicely. He was released from the hospital a while back, and hopefully is well on his way to feeling better. The tragedy that put him there is still fresh on just about everyone's mind still, and some folks wanted to do something for him that could benefit him on multiple levels.

This past weekend, a giant truck convoy was held for the little fella in hopes that A) He would grow up not being afraid of trucks considering all he'd been through, and B) they hoped to raise some money to help the family out with mounting medical bills etc. Their efforts paid off! I heard from a friend who was very close to the event, that they raised over $7500. Not too shabby!

I know the whole event was kind of a hot-button for a lot of folks, and I totally understand that. On the other hand, a lot of money was raise, and a lot of folks felt like they got to do something to help. And at times like these, that's a big deal. Often, people feel helpless in the situations, and wish they could do something. And that's just what happened here.

So check out some of this video. I'd love to have seen it first hand, but when you realize this video is 11 minutes long, it puts into perspective, just how many vehicles there were! Special thanks to my friend Jeri Leonard for getting this awesome footage.

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