Bangor Witch Dance and Zombie Walk

The Bangor waterfront was filled with Zombies, evil clowns, and dancing witches on Saturday afternoon.

As a lifelong Brewer Witch, I couldn't resist watching the Witch Walk. They all met up in the Save-a-Lot parking lot in Brewer to practice their dance moves before walking across the Chamberlain Bridge to entertain some Zombies and spectators.

I decided to head to directly to the Bangor Waterfront to snap a few pictures of the Zombies before the Witches arrived. The costumes were awesome, and the Kreepy hearse helped to set the mood. Then, the witches showed up, complete with traveling music. And when they started to dance, well, given the fact that they'd just learned it moments earlier, it was an impressive sight.

Such an entertaining afternoon that it put me in the Halloween mood, so I headed home to watch 'Hocus Pocus.'

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