Brewer City officials took an 'audit walk' with residents, to look at the city from a pedestrian's perspective.

It's a great idea, because pedestrian issues are so easy to miss when you're driving. So city officials invited residents to walk with them on Thursday as they looked for issues in the flow of pedestrian traffic. The tour focused especially on the waterfront area and the city's Riverwalk.

For the most part, feedback was positive, especially about the changes made in recent years to the Riverwalk. But WABI-TV reports city officials did recognize some issues with intersections and crosswalks that lead to the trails. Changes will be made, but won't happen overnight.

In addition to the pedestrian issues, the walk also addressed ways to beautify the community and make it a more pleasant place to live and work. One suggestion included the institution of community gardens, something that's just recently been added to the park on Maple Street.

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