Gardeners who don't have the space to plant their vegetables or flowers can now rent space on Maple Street in Brewer. 

It took a crew of volunteers about 2 hours to construct 30 raised beds that will be rented out. For just $25, folks can grow their radishes, tomatoes, swiss chard, or whatever their hearts desire. In a city with plenty of apartment living, it's a chance for residents to get their hands dirty and see the fruits of their labors, even though they have no property of their own. Financial aid is available to anyone who can't afford the rental fee.

The Community Garden is located at Maple Street Park, between Maple and Spring Streets and, according to the BDN, is the brainchild of Caleb and Ellen Speirs. They recently moved to Brewer and wanted a garden but didn't have the space for it. So they partnered with Food and Medicine to get the project started. For more information and to download an application, log onto the Maple Street Community Garden's Facebook page.

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