I have enough history with the Bangor area to know that nothing is forever. I remember Wellby's Super Drug. Of course we all remember Laverdiere's. So it shouldn't come as a total shocker, that on June 25th, the last Rite Aid Pharmacy on the corner of 3rd St. and Union St. in Bangor, will finally close its doors.

All Rite Aids in this area have either closed their doors completely, or been switched over to a Walgreen's, as part of a $4.83 billion deal that went through about 18 months ago, according to the BDN. In the area, there's only one single holdout left, being the Rite Aid in Hampden, but that will also switch over at the beginning of August.

Despite the fact it may seem like Walgreen's has literally cornered the market, there are still a few other options around these parts. Of course there's Northern Light Pharmacy (formerly Miller Drug) and a CVS inside Target, and Hannaford still has their own pharmacies.

But, times change. And now is no different. And inevitably it will happen again. But for now, let's have a moment of silence for Bangor's last Rite Aid.

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