Sometimes the only companion a senior citizen has in their daily routine, is a pet. We all know somebody in that situation. We probably all agree that as long as that senior can maintain independence and continue to live alone, the better it is for their life.

Eastern Area Agency on Aging is reaching out asking all, that if they can help older adults feed their pets and keep those animals in their homes, it will lead to the continuation of seniors not being moved to alternate housing prematurely.

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Tomorrow between the hours of 9 AM and noon, the Bangor Police Department, in an effort to improve the lives of seniors in our community, is partnering with the Furry Friends Food Bank to assist in the collection of donations.

Bangor Police Officer Elizabeth Ashe, community resource officer, says:

“Bangor PD will be at Shaw’s on Maine Street in Bangor at the donation drive looking for pet food and litter donations”

Eastern Agency Area on Aging has numerous programs for seniors in the region and here is the link to its website for more information.

If you can’t be there tomorrow morning, Furry Friends Food Bank does great things like this often.  Here’s information on the great things they do 

Pet food and litter donations are on the list for tomorrow.

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