In the last few years, people choosing Bangor's waterfront as an area for a good walk, is becoming more commonplace all the time. Personally, I love it down there. It's a nice long stretch of flat path, with great views and ample parking. Why wouldn't you want to walk down there?

Folks with dogs may have a reason to want to go elsewhere, depending on you they feel about leashes. According to the BDN, the Bangor City Council has been considering whether or not to add that area to it's short list of spots that dogs are required to be kept on a leash.

The Brown Woods area, Cascade Park, and certain portions of the Rolland Perry City Forest, are all leashed areas. And on the waterfront, with all the new food trucks, the concerts, the increased foot traffic has drawn some complaints from folks without dogs complaining that the unleashed animals can be a nuisance.

There was also a pretty ugly dog fight that left one of the dogs injured pretty seriously. All this has caused complaints from folks, and city animal control officers suggesting that maybe it's time to make changes in that area to avoid future problems.

Current Maine law doesn't require dogs to be on leashes, but it does hold owners accountable for their dogs who are not "under control". State law also allows towns to implement their own rules regarding leashes. No one likes to have anyone tell them what to do, but sometimes you're better at being told what to do, than your dog.

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