A Harrington woman is dead after she and a friend were hit by a car while walking on the East Side Road in Addison. 37-year-old Mandy Kane died from injuries she sustained when she was struck by a car driven by 23-year-old Kayla East of Addison, who told authorities she was distracted by her child when her vehicle crossed the center line.

The Warden service is urging hunters to use precautions whenever they handle a firearm, in the wake of five hunting-related accidents already this season. Four of the five were the result of people being unaware of their surroundings. Hunters are advised to always be aware of the location of others in their hunting party, wear blaze orange, stay in control of their firearm, and keep their finger off the trigger until they’re ready to shoot.

The Shaw House in Bangor is set to receive 145 thousand dollars through a grant from the Administration for children and families. The money will help support day-to-day operations, providing housing for youth who are unable to return home. The Shaw House serves juveniles from nearly five Maine counties.

A picture of three Maine roofers standing for the national anthem has gone viral as an unusual show of patriotism. The men were working on a roof in Waterville when they heard the national anthem being played at a high school football game next door. The men stopped their work, stood on the roof, and placed their hands over their hearts while the music played, and someone snapped their picture, posting it online.

Mainers just keep rallying to cheer up a Biddeford boy who’s battling brain cancer. Along with the many Halloween cards he’s received, and the decoration of his home by firefighters, Brock Chadwick had a special visit on Sunday by some super heroes. Motorcyclists from around New England gathered in Biddeford, dressed up as super heroes, and rode to the 7-year-old’s house to give him some presents and show their support.

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