A 7-year-old Waterville girl is expected to make a full recovery after she was shot while sitting in her bedroom, in her family's 2nd floor apartment on Friday. Police are still looking for a motive behind the drive-by shooting and, so far, no arrests have been made. Anyone with information is asked to contact Waterville Police.

An apartment house fire in Augusta has left 30 people homeless and at least one injured. Fire officials say one of the residents jumped out the windows to escape the flames. The State Fire Marshal's office is now investigating the cause of the fire.

The Maine CDC is encouraging residents to prepare for the possible arrival of the COVID 19 Coronavirus, although there have been no cases diagnosed in the state. This does not mean stocking up and wearing surgical masks, but rather eating well, getting plenty of sleep, and practicing good hygiene. They say preventative measures are the same as used in trying to avoid catching a cold.

Republicans headed to the polls for tomorrow’s primary election in Maine should be aware that only Donald Trump’s name will appear on the ballot, as former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld did not meet the qualifications. However, his name or any others can be written in. All the candidates who have started Democratic bids for the presidency will appear on the ballot, although several of them have withdrawn their candidacy.

Maine’s Audubon Society is looking for volunteers for its third annual Maine Turtle Roadkill Survey project. Participants will collect data on how many turtles get killed by cars, giving insight into which roads need improvements to lessen the mortality rate. Find more information on the Maine Audubon website.

A Hampden Firefighter is the first recipient of the Captain Joel Barnes Community Service Award. Matthew St. Pierre was presented the award during the Mariners game over the weekend. Barnes was a Berwick firefighter who died in the line of duty a year ago, and the award is meant to honor first responders who embody that same spirit and commitment.

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