Dr. Nirav Shah, Executive Director of the Maine CDC, spent a little time with us, talking about the coronavirus, and the risk of becoming infected in Maine.

It's the topic that's on everyone's minds right now. What is the coronavirus? How likely am I to catch it? What are the symptoms? And exactly how deadly is this virus? I went to the person most 'in the know' in Maine, Dr. Nirav Shah, to get answers to these and more questions.

Bear in mind, this interview was conducted on Friday, February 7th, before any Mainer was even being looked at for the virus. Now, there is one person who's undergoing testing, but has still not been diagnosed with the illness. That person has agreed to remain in their home at least until the testing is complete. Remember the timeline, as you listen to the interview, because Dr. Shah mentions often that no one in Maine is even being looked at.

Thank you to Dr. Shah for spending time with me on Friday, explaining this scary topic. He makes it a little less daunting by taking away much of the mystery.

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