Two men escaped serious injury when their small float plane crashed into Rangeley Lake yesterday. The pilot, David Taisey of Powell, and passenger Mike Koob of Oquossoc were able to swim to shore after the plane landed upside down in the water. The FAA will now investigate the cause of the crash.

An incident in Litchfield earlier this week, in which a woman was kidnapped by her boyfriend, is shedding light on Maine's texting 911 system. Calling 911 is preferred because the dispatcher can get more information about the incident but, in a case like the one in Litchfield, residents can text 911 in the instance that calling might endanger their safety.

Augusta Police are warning of a spoofing scam, with someone calling from a number that appears to be from their department, claiming to be an officer. The scammer demands that the person who answers the phone purchase pre-paid debit cards, or they'll be arrested, something police say they never do.

Ten Catholic teenagers are walking 70 miles, from Augusta to Bangor, to raise awareness of teen suicide, addiction, and depression. They're hoping that their prayers will be answered and more teens will seek help before it's too late. The pilgrimage started on Wednesday and will wrap up in Bangor on Sunday.

Anyone traveling through Bangor this weekend is reminded that the American Folk Festival is going to slow traffic in the downtown area. Drivers are advised to pay attention when passing the festival grounds, and watch for pedestrians. The festival kicks off at 6:00 this evening.

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