Drivers are reminded to use caution when traveling in the Bangor Waterfront area this weekend, as the American Folk Festival brings in thousands of people.

The Festival set-up has changed this year, after recent construction in the waterfront area, so there will be some distracted people walking around. Plus, I think sometimes they get so used to being able to wander the streets within the festival grounds, that some people forget to watch for traffic when they step outside the barriers. So, drivers should avoid distractions and be watching for pedestrians in the waterfront/downtown Bangor area. Anyone who doesn't have to be in the area will probably save themselves some time and frustration by avoiding the area altogether.

It's such an amazing weekend, full of music, dance, food, and culture from around the world. Over the years, I've tried unusual foods at the festival, including alligator (or was it crocodile?) I heard Wiley and the Wild West Show (you may recognize Wiley as the guy who calls 'Ya HOOOOO' when you log know). I'll never forget hearing Bill Kirchen sing 'Hot Rod Lincoln,' and I even bought some of my wedding jewelry in the marketplace.

When you think about the fact that you don't have to buy a ticket for any of this, it's pretty amazing, especially knowing that none of the entertainers are performing for free. So, as you walk through the Festival grounds this weekend, remember the volunteers who are standing by the large barrels at the entrances and/or who are carrying the yellow tubs as part of the Bucket Brigade and kick in some donations. Let's keep this amazing event safe for attendees and financially successful, so it will return next year.

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