Maine is pausing its use of the single-dose Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine, while the U.S. CDC investigates reports of potentially dangerous blood clots and low platelet counts. Governor Mills says she is not aware of any health issues connected to the vaccine in Maine, but will err on the side of caution until more is known. The Maine CDC reports 587 new cases of COVID-19 and 2 additional deaths.

The Bangor City Council spent part of this week’s meeting discussing how to best handle the potentially growing homeless population this summer. No decision was made on Monday night, but topics of conversation included whether to ban tents from the waterfront and public parks, and how police would go about enforcing that directive.

Maine is one of 12 states reporting people who consumed Salmonella bacteria when eating ground turkey. The contaminated products were sold under the names Nature’s Promise, Wegman, and Plainville Farms were all produced in January, so residents are being encouraged to check their freezers for possible packages. The CDC says any of the effected product should be thrown away.

Allergy season has started a little early this year, with the warm, dry weather, and breezy conditions. Plants and trees are blooming, which is causing allergy sufferers to notice symptoms like stuffy noses and sneezing. Some relief may come this weekend with rain or even snow showers in the forecast.

Hikers in the Ellsworth area can explore local trail options through an online resource on the Heart of Ellsworth’s website. The page includes photos of the trails, descriptions of things like difficulty, and an integrated map of trail locations through Maine Trail Finder.

The Together Place in Bangor, that helps people struggling with mental illness and substance use disorder, is now looking to spruce up the Union Street neighborhood they inhabit. In an effort to lift spirits and increase the sense of community in the mostly-low-income-renter-population, organizers are discussing creating a community garden, painting murals, and maybe even doing some outdoor home repairs. Call the Together Place in Bangor to ask about getting involved.

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