A casual conversation between a member of the Baileyville Police Department and shopper at Tractor Supply resulted in a huge donation for a fallen Trooper's family.

A post on the Baileyville PD's Facebook page details the incident that happened as a member of the department was approached by a woman as they walked into the store in Calais. She wanted to know when the benefit for the family of Detective Ben Campbell was being held. (the department is holding a 'Bowling for Ben' fundraiser next week) After telling her that it would be on the 18th, she asked about the goal, and was told it was set at $1,282. The Maine State Trooper's call number was 1282.

She asked how much had been raised so far and was told that it was roughly a couple hundred dollars. At this point, she shocked the officer by saying she'd make up the rest. And she followed through with a $1,000 payment to the fund that she supported, in part, because she came from a law enforcement family.

Mainers are awesome.

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