In many different sources on line such as the Bangor Daily News, and their own Facebook page, Bagel Central in Bangor has announced that they have a new owner. but not new-looking to folks who frequent the shop.

Scott Bryson, who has been the manager of Bagel Central for years, will be taking the reins as of yesterday, January 1. He's been employed by the store since 1995, and was approached over the summer by then-owner, Sonya Eldridge. Eldridge has owned the business since 1998, and loved it, but felt it was time to make a change.

They say you should retire when you no longer enjoy going to work. For me, that hadn’t happened, and I believe never will. I enjoy my job as much now as I always have, and in 38 years of early morning alarm clocks, I have never dreaded going to work.

Moving forward, Eldridge says she looks forward to traveling, doing a lot of fun outdoors-y things, and spending time with her grandchildren. Who could blame her? She's certainly earned some down time for herself.

Bryson, the new owner, says he has no big changes in store going forward. Ones that happen will be gradual and small, as he knows what customers have come to love and appreciate about the store. As they always say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

In the meantime, if anyone cares, I'll take an onion bagel with veggie cream cheese and lox!

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