An Aroostook County woman is $250,000 richer, after buying a scratch ticket at a convenience store.

It's one of those stories that immediately triggers that 'what would I do if I won that much?' question. WABI-TV reports a woman in northern Maine bought a $10 'Cash Blast' scratch ticket at the One Stop in Fort Fairfield and instantly won $250,000. She opted to have the money put into a trust fund, and so her name wasn't released. Lottery officials will only identify the winner as 'Nichole's Irrevocable Trust.' Lucky Nichole, whoever she may be.

It was a good month for lottery players in Maine, with seven $1,000 winners. So the question remains, what would you do if you won $250K? Add your answers to the comments section of this post on the Q-106.5 Facebook page. I'd pay off some bills and then take a vacation with my hubby to someplace warm. Or maybe I'd put a down payment on a house? Wait, I saw a car the other day that I'd love to have. Luckily (Unfortunately?), I don't have to make those decisions. What would you do?

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