I know I'm not the only one that really hates standing in line. For anything. It doesn't matter if it's waiting for a table in a restaurant, or the cursed DMV, whatever. And voting leaves me at odds. I really want to do my civic duty, but I don't wanna wait around forever to get it done.

Well friends, if you share this sentiment, the State of Maine has announced that absentee ballots for the upcoming mid-term election in November are available. We are electing a new governor, a U.S. senator, and two congressional representatives, and other state positions as well, according to the Associated Press.

We'll also be voting on a referendum centered around creating a tax on incomes over $128,400, that will allow the creation of a general fund for providing senior citizens and individuals with disabilities access to universal home care, regardless of their level of income. There will also be voting for a $200 million bond issue for various state projects.

The real important thing, as always, is that you vote. It's the one small part we can play in shaping how we want our lives to go. It's not a politics thing, this is just how our country works. Plus, you now how the old saying goes.... If you don't vote, you can't...well, you know.

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