Despite my career choice, I don't always like big crowds of people. I tend to like things on the quiet side, especially when I'm not at work. Am I an old fuddy-duddy already, in my 40's?! Probably. But if given the choice, when it comes to voting, I'd waaaayyy rather stay home and send it in. So this year, I'm going the route of the Absentee Ballot.

Think of all the other things you could be doing instead of standing in line to vote. You could be napping. You could go camping. You could build a replica Paul Bunyan statue in your back yard. Why not? The alternative is to head down to your local voting spot and stand in line for way too long, and impatiently wait to cast your vote.

Not to mention getting accosted by all the lobbyists and politicians waiting to "thank" you for your vote. Or worse, have them all try to get at you on your way in, and have to stand and justify why you don't want to give them two more minutes of your precious time, that you're already going to have to waste inside waiting.

That's why I fully believe that an absentee ballot is one of the ultimate gifts a person could give themselves. You can stand in your kitchen in your skivvies, and go right down through the list, sipping on your morning cuppa joe. I don't think anyone at the Cross Insurance Center wants to see me standing around in my Chewbacca adult onesie, deciding how I want my cast my votes.

If you want to get in on this action, here's a link where you can get an absentee ballot from the state. It takes about 2 actual minutes to fill out the whole online form. That's nothing. You'll wait in line longer than that to get a hot dog. So do it now!

Really, the important take away here, is that it's turbo-important to vote. It doesn't matter what your political opinions are, it just matters that you exercise your right to be heard. We've got a new ranked-choice system to deal with, there's always local referendums and town elections, so casting your vote is as important as ever.

So with any luck, I won't bump into you in the long lines at the polls. That's because we'll be at home on our couches, or out to camp fishing, or whatever. We did the smart thing and voted from the comfort of home.

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