So far, the last 6 months or so have been pretty good as far as Mainers making it onto national television. And for things that don't bring embarrassment to the state either. We've had people on Chopped on the Food Network, we've had Dennis Coffey, a bartender from Old Orchard Beach, who took home over $52,000 on Jeopardy this week.

Now, on Monday, former WGME - TV13 reporter Giovanna Bechard is going to be on Wheel of Fortune, airing locally on WVII - TV7 at 7:00pm. She heard about the auditions that were happening up in Orono a while back, and made the trek up to try out for the show. She nailed the audition and filmed her episode earlier this month, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Unlike a lot of game shows, Wheel of Fortune is kind of one and done. So where Dennis Coffey got to be on Jeopardy for four episodes, Bechard will only be on the one time. So this is her big shot. No pressure though, right? She practiced for weeks to prepare, and we'll see how it paid off on Monday night.

It's nice to see some fellow Mainers out doing cool stuff. Most of my interactions over the years with people who aren't familiar with Maine have been frustrating bordering on stupid. They think it's part of Massachusetts or Canada. But, if this keeps up with all these smarty pants's going on TV, the rest of the country will know who we really are.

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