I noticed on social media during the day last Friday, that Dennis Coffey of Old Orchard Beach was going to be on Jeopardy. I'd already been pretty well invested in Jeopardy the last several nights because I had been watching the Greatest of All Time championship.

And the woman who had been the champion in the regular episodes of Jeopardy had won several games in a row, and amassed well over $100K. So when I saw that a Maine man was going to be on Friday night, I was even more interested in catching the match.

And Dennis did not disappoint! He played a really solid game, and because of his apparently vast knowledge of obscure Russian/British royalty, he took the whole kit and caboodle, with cash winnings over $21,000 according to the Portland Press Herald.

He defends his title tonight on Channel 7, or 8 if you have cable. And to boot, he'll be at work tending bar at Duffy's Tavern and Grill. Friday night when he was on, there were over 100 people crowded in to watch. So while he invites everyone down to check it out, he says to come early!

I'll definitely be tuning in tonight to cheer Dennis on. Mainers don't seem to get featured on anything except cooking shows and shows about cabins. But even better, he may get to add to his already fat stack of cash. I know if I were i a battle of wits like this, I'd be screwed. So maybe I'll just go yakkety-yak into that mic, in case anyone needs me.

Watch Dennis's whole episode from Friday right here:

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