As of yesterday, I went "social media official" with my new dog. My wife and I adopted the cutest rescue dog from Texas, and in the short time he's been with us, we've fallen helplessly in love with our little Neko. Sure, it's Japanese for cat, but who cares? All I know, is that if there was a fire at my house, I'd burn alive trying to make sure he got out of the house.

And I know for a fact that I am not the only one that would do such a thing for their special little pupper. But would you go to that extreme for someone else's dog? Because that's what happened yesterday down in Palmyra. Two young firefighters from the Newport Fire Dept. went right into a burning house to rescue the dog inside.

According to WGME - TV13, firefighters Alex and Nick, only first names given, went inside the burning structure to find a scared pup, frozen with fear. Together, they got the dog out, and back to it's family. Like I said before, as a new dog parent, this means the world to me to hear about. I hope I never face such a situation, but glad to know there's folks like Nick and Alex that will go above and beyond the call of duty.

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Thankfully, the fire was also knocked down pretty quickly as well. Which is just more good news under the circumstances. And really, the situation wasn't ideal. Fires in the winter are always wrought with various hazards. So the fact that it was quickly dispatched, and a dog was saved... I'd say that's a banner day of fire fighting.

And with no harm to the dog!!! It was a win-win scenario all the way around. Many thanks again to Alex and Nick from this brand new dog owner. You guys make us all proud.

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