When you read that, does it put the same chill down your spine that it does mine?! When I saw the headline on News Center Maine, I automatically thought the worst. In my mind, I assumed we were headed for a foot of snow in October. Laugh all you want ... but remember when it happened six years ago?

But luckily, this is going to be all rain. But still... a LOT of rain. And a lot of wind too. This area could easily see two inches of rain Wednesday night into Thursday. In this area, we could easily see 30-35 m.p.h. wind gusts, and along the coast, that could go as high as 50 m.p.h. So hold onto your hats, folks!

The nasty stuff will begin mid-evening, but the heaviest rainfall will be in the wee hours of Thursday morning, and slowly begin to taper off by mid-afternoon. So you may wanna gas up the generator, get some extra candles, etc.... and get ready for a blow.

Now just imagine for a second that this was snow. On average, it takes 13 inches of wet snow to equal an inch of rain. And under some conditions, it could take over four feet of dry, powdery snow to equal an inch of rain. So really, we are kind of dodging a bullet. And since the rivers and streams are in good shape, we shouldn't see any flooding either.

We won't be able to dodge the snow bullet forever, but right now, I'll take this as a bit of a victory. I don't mind some rain. But I am not looking forward to eventually having to shovel. Yuck. Shoveling is for the birds!

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