I have to admit, I think I may be addicted to the weather app on my phone. I'm guilty of looking probably, ten times a day. Especially during this time of year when I start to see more snow in the forecast and am always hoping the bad news will sort of just fix itself.

So far that's not working this week. I've been watching this mid-week storm since Friday, and it looks like it's headed our way during the day, Wednesday and well into the night. The National Weather Service in Caribou is predicting somewhere in the neighborhood of 9” of snow (cue: sad trombone sound here) for Bangor, with slightly less up north, and down toward the coast. The old, trusty weather app on my phone sadly corroborates this.

I'm guessing Mother Nature just isn't quite done with us yet. I thought she had some sort of deal with Punxutawney Phil, but there must be some cosmic red tape holding up the process. But either way, sounds like we're pulling out the shovels and firing up the snowblower again (cue: very sad trombone sound).

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