This morning, I looked out the window into the driveway and saw one of my worst enemies. It wasn't the snow, just the fact that there was only a tiny bit of it. This is a problem for me, because it presents me with one of winter's most bothersome I shovel the snow, or fire up the old snow blower?

I'm not necessarily a fan of either one. Snow blowing can be awful when the wind is blowing like it was this morning. There's nothing remotely satisfying about having ice cold snow blow right back in your face when you're trying to send it to the moon. On the other hand, who in their right mind wants to go out with a shovel and chip endlessly away at it, in a 16” wide swath.

Like the true indecisive moron that I am, I ended up filling the gas tank of the snow blower, wheeling it up to the front of the garage, and then for truly bizarre reasons I can't quite explain, I grabbed the shovel. The voices in my head convinced me I was going to get more exercise, and that ultimately I was making a great life choice.

But then I started making random decisions about what direction I should shovel in. Zigging one way, zagging another. Yet, I didn't want to change my mind again, because I'm always convinced my neighbors are just sitting by the window, waiting to catch me doing something stupid. I hope they enjoyed the show!

But now, I'm sitting here typing this with a sore back, damp feet, and a crushed spirit. I'm still not sure the snow blower would have been the answer, but maybe next time I'll just blow it off altogether.

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