An Acton woman accused of killing her estranged husband had just learned she'd lost custody of the couple's children.

Kandee Weyland is charged with Murder and Violating a Protection Order for the death of her ex-husband, Scott Weyland on Wednesday. reports Kandee rammed into Scott's truck in front of his mother's house, where he'd been living since their separation. When the commotion caused him to exit the house, Kandee allegedly began stabbing him. The couple's son called 911 and Scott was taken to a hospital where he later died.

The couple was married eight years ago, but the last year has been difficult. Accusations of harrassment and abuse prompted the couple to take protection orders out against each other and for Scott's mother to take one out against Kandee. Scott's mother told the paper that Kandee suffered from mental health issues that made it nearly impossible for her to leave their home. The house became cluttered and unsafe when a broken boiler flooded the basement. Because of the conditions of the house, a judge granted custody to Scott out of a fear that Kandee may become homeless soon.

Police say when she received the divorce papers and learned that she'd lost custody of the children, she went to her mother-in-law's house and attacked her ex-husband.

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