Not far from Bangor is a little hike with BIG views. It makes for a perfect fall foliage hike.

In Maine, you don't have to travel far to adventure in nature. This is certainly the case for this hike, less than 30 minutes from Bangor. Eagle Bluff in Clifton is a steep, short, roughly .6 mile, hike with an incredible view. Owned by the Clifton Climbers Alliance, the bluff rises nearly 700 feet above sea level. Over the years as a popular destination for rock climbers, over 130 routes up the granite face have been established.

From the high vantage point, hikers and climbers can take in views of nearby Cedar Swamp Pond, rolling hills, windmills, and Peaked and Little Peaked Mountains, known as Chick and Little Chick hills.

Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media
Paul Wolfe, Townsquare Media

How To Get There:

From Bangor, the drive is only about a half-hour or less. These directions will take you to the North Lot. There are three parking areas in total. If you reach a dirt road, Springy Pond Road, you've gone a little too far. Unfortunately, the parking area has had a history of vehicle break-ins. The lot is under State Police surveillance. The CCA recommends leaving valuables at home, locking your vehicle doors, and reporting any suspicious behavior to 911.

Paul Wolfe, Townsuquare Media
Paul Wolfe, Townsuquare Media

The Hike:

  • From the North Lot trailhead, the hike starts relatively flat, on a well-established trail.
  • The first fork in the trail splits left and right. The left trail takes hikers to the top of the cliff. The right takes climbers to the base of the cliff.
  • Nearing large boulders, the trail splits again. The right trail takes you through the large boulders, and around to the cliff face. It's VERY steep as you continue going up. Taking the trail that goes slightly left is a more gradual, but still steep, ascent to the top.
  • The trail ends near the top of Eagle Bluff. You'll see the exposed granite cliff.

Additional Info:

  • There's no fee to enjoy the trail system.
  • The parking areas are open from sunrise to sunset.
  • No camping or fires are allowed on the 160-acre property.
  • Dogs are welcome on the trails.

Wolfe In The Wild Pro Tips:

  • The trail is well-traveled and distinguishable.
  • As previously mentioned, the hike is very steep at times. Take your time, and watch your footing.
  • Use caution at the top of the cliff. It's a long way down.
  • The hike up and back takes about an hour.

Keep this trail system beautiful and carry out ALL trash and waste.

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