They say it takes a village. And this is such a community effort, with many arms and legs all trying to achieve the same goal.

Making sure people get fed.

When studies are done about society, particularly those ‘on the streets’ or in the drug culture, it’s a common thread that they also have food insecurity.

The issue is much deeper than that of course, but when we think of inflation and spending more to get the same, or even less, stop for a second and think of those who can’t dig deeper into their wallets. They are tapped out.

We all know about and hopefully support community food banks and pantries as much as we can, when we can. They are numerous and are so beneficial to so many.

Sometimes there are issues we probably don’t even think about. But those deep in the trenches running pantries and food banks and community cupboards do give consideration to questions we don’t even consider.

Like “How do we get food to people that do not come to food banks?”

Winslow Community Cupboard is trying to solve the question of how to get food into those who don’t or won’t go to a pantry.

They were awarded a grant through Good Shepard Food Bank and Healthy Northern Kennebec Coalition and Winslow Community Cupboard Food Pantry now has two mobile refrigerated trailers to hold and deliver food to those in need.

Those trailers were at Notre Dame Church in Skowhegan yesterday afternoon and more than 100 families stopped by for food according to WABI.

Yes it takes a community. And food banks help other food banks. And they make a difference in our communities.

If you and your family are hungry, reach out. And when you get into a better situation, they know you will help others.

Thanks to all who devote so much time and effort to what most of us take for granted. Something to eat.

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