When a group of kids decided to go sledding, they had no idea that they were going to get a visit from a fun-loving cop.

Harlee Smothers shared the videos on Facebook, showing Windham Police Officer Ernie MacVane III hopping on a sled before sliding down the hill. The comments from the kids are awesome, as they exclaim that they've never seen a police officer slide down a hill.

Maine's police forces have been working hard, over the past few years, to become more connected to the communities they serve. It started with several 'Coffee with a Cop' events and has expanded from there. Each one is a wonderful reminder to children and adults alike that police officers are real people, with real families, and not the bad guys that some still tend to believe.

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Kudos to Officer MacVane for making a great impression on a group of children who will never forget the day the cop came to slide down the hill with them. They'll be talking about this day for many years to come.

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