Emera Maine and CMP are both reporting outages and say the wind that's causing them may slow restoration efforts.

Here we go again with reports of power outages, and many are being caused by damage done by the last storm. Emera Maine said in a media release that they're experiencing outages because of high winds that are being caused by trees and branches that were weakened during the windstorm before Halloween. Those trees and branches are taking down or interfering with power lines.

Officials say they have crews working to restore power. However, if the wind gusts start approaching the expected 40 mph, those crews will be pulled until it's once again safe for them to go up in bucket trucks. While the utility companies want to restore power as quickly as possible, they also have to take their employees' safety into consideration.

As of 1:50, Emera Maine was reporting 926 outages, mostly in Bangor, Hampden, Ellsworth, and their surrounding communities. CMP reports 19,067 outages at 1:45 this morning. Those numbers are expected to go up as the winds increase later this afternoon and into the evening. Temperatures will also drop throughout the day, and the wind will cause frigid windchills, dipping into the single numbers.

Mainers are reminded to use generators and alternative heat solutions safely. Hook them up per factory specs, and keep generators in open areas to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Let the generator cool off before refilling with gas.

If you still have power, now is the time to charge up your electronics and, if you live in the country like me, fill containers with water so you have them once the pump shuts down. Be safe and stay away from downed trees and lines.

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