TimberStone Adventures Resort Giveaway

The owner of a treehouse resort and disc golf facility in Stoneham is holding a contest that will award the entire property to one lucky winner.

Stoneham is located in the mountains of western Maine, with beautiful views and lots of forestland. So it's the perfect place for a getaway resort that features treehouses (one that sleeps 8 people). And the dramatic landscape also makes for an interesting and challenging place for disc golf. The pictures on the TimberStone Adventures' website show beautiful buildings and breathtaking vistas. And the resort's listing on Airbnb shows the cost of nightly rentals.

But now, the owners have decided it's time to turn the property over to someone else. Instead of going the traditional realtor route, they've decided to hold a unique contest. Entering the contest is as easy as submitting an original photograph that has a 'nature' theme, filling out an entry form, and paying $99. All of the entries will be judged by a panel of photographic experts.

The contest runs through November 1st and the winner will be announced a month later. According to the rules, if the owners don't get at least 9,900 entries, they will cancel the contest and refund everyone's entry money, minus a four dollar handling fee.

I'd love to tell you more, but I have to go take some pictures now. Find all the information on the contest website.

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