Last weekend, I was out to camp during that wicked heat spell. Naturally, at some point, I decided taking a quick dip was the way to go. And as I was putting on my trunks, I found myself asking myself, why on God's Earth is there a pair of women's underwear sewn into the inside if a man's swim suit?!

Now, it's not like it makes me feel feminine when I put it on, and if that's your thing I fully support that, but it just sort of weirds me out at the same time. I've owned a couple suits that didn't have it, but seriously.... why is it there? I had to search about on the internet, and couldn't find a solid answer. Just a couple articles wondering the same thing I was.

According to, there are a few alleged reasons. I say alleged, because they all seem pretty dumb and bogus. Supposedly, it's because when the material most trunks are made of get wet, it's supposed to protect your...ahem... stuff, from getting chafed. Ok.... I can support that theory. But, at the same time, who's buying burlap bathing suits?!

The article, citing an unnamed employee from Under Armor, also states that it's designed to keep your suit from clinging to your privates when getting out of the water. So it's supposed to be some kind of shame protector? I think I'd rather just hold my towel in front of my junk, than have to wear an extra pair of weird panty-material under my trunks.

Or is it to act as some sort of aquatic athletic supporter? Because it doesn't even come close. It would have to fit even tighter, like a Speedo under your shorts. This is more like granny panties. Which just adds to the awkwardness.

I know there's nothing I can do about it, but it's starting to make me believe that men's bathing suits are just a cruel joke created by some prankster, who wants men to question their entire existence every time they want to go for a swim. I suppose the netting won't keep me out of the water if it's all I have available, but it's sure gonna make me look inside every bathing suit on the rack from now on.


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