Behind those bright blue walls in Bangor is a very special place that's quietly doing good work every day.

Where Is the Together Place?

Many of us pass it on a regular basis. It's the bright blue building on the corner of Union and Second Streets, near the Bangor Y. There are huge murals on the outside of the building of famous residents, including Stephen King and Dorothea Dix. The paintings and vivid colors catch your eye on the way by, but many people don't know what's behind the walls of the Together Place.

What Do They Do There?

So last week, I chatted with the new Executive Director of the Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center, Abby D'Alessio about what the center is all about and who it serves. The answer to that second part is our community.

We are a center that has the ability to empower people living with mental illness and substance use. We offer daily recovery groups related to mental health, trauma, and substance use. We also do a lot of things with valuing unity with individuals.

Our interview can be found here, with a lot of great information about the programs available to people who could use some peer support to cope with challenges in their lives. More information can be found on the Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center Facebook page.

Will the Together Place Be Recognizing National Overdose Awareness Day?

On Thursday, National Overdose Awareness Day, members will gather together in Norumbega Park to recognize those lost to their substance use disorder and also the people who are currently in recovery. After the gathering, the group will walk through Downtown, with some members carrying pictures and signs in remembrance of the lives that have been lost. They invite community members to join them, to show love to the survivors of those who have passed and support to those who are still working on their recovery.

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