For the fourth time in three years, a donor who goes by Otto the Cat, is pledging to double donations made to a Camden Area Christian Food Pantry.

Who Is Otto the Cat?

The short answer to the question of Otto's identity is that no one seems to know. Otto the cat leaves notes on the food pantry's door, signed with a paw print. Whoever Otto really is, he/she is extremely generous and concerned about the well-being of people in the Camden area. On the pantry's website, Otto is quoted as writing the following:

The services and food that CACFP provides this community are more important than ever.

With the combination of rising costs and the impending holidays, the kindhearted cat obviously understands that it's a challenging time for many.

What's the Otto Challenge?

So, Otto the Cat has issued a magnanimous challenge. For every $1 donated to the Camden Area Christian Food Pantry, Otto will contribute $2, turning that $1 donation into $3...a $10 donation to $30. Now, there are a few limitations, including a deadline of December 16th, 2022, and a total combined donation total of $10,000.

The funds raised in the Otto Challenge will be used to buy Hannaford gift cards, which will then be given to people in need. The Camden Area Christian Food Pantry serves residents of Camden and surrounding communities.

How Do We Donate?

There are a couple of ways that people can donate and help Otto reach his/her $10,000 goal, including mailing a check to:

Camden Area Christian Food Pantry

P.O. Box 337

Camden, ME 04843

Donations can also be made online, on the pantry's website. Take a few minutes to read through the Otto section of the site because it will make you smile. There are some tips at the bottom of the page that are pretty cute, including that dog people are welcome because Otto has never said anything bad about dogs. As a dog person, I'm relieved to hear that.

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