According to new harvest data released from Maine officials, the state's hardest game to hunt may surprise you.

New data from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife shows moose hunters are the most successful at tagging their prize. The data shows moose hunt success rates at 73% in 2017. 2,080 moose permits were issued in 2017. Out of those selected for permits, 1,518 hunters were successful in getting their moose.

Here are the success rates over the past five years, according to the department.

  • Moose: 71%
  • Turkey: 30%
  • Bear: 25%
  • Deer: 15-20%

Applications for the 2018 Moose Permit Lottery are being accepted until May 15. Applications are only being accepted online. In years past, hunters have been able to submit an application by mail. Once completed you'll receive a confirmation email indicating that you successfully entered.

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