The business that sported this sign on the roof is on the approach path for BIA. But do you know which business it is?

Anyone who's previously flown into Bangor may have noticed this sign as they were preparing to land. Obviously it's a large building and now you know the general direction from the airport. The sign was there for many years, so it's not a new business. Any ideas?

It's a company that's well-known across the country. As a matter of fact, you'll probably see the name of the company as you're traveling on the interstate. Truckers love the business that sports the same name as the tires on their rigs. Figured it out yet?

That's right! It's Freightliner of Maine! The building is located on the Perry Road, right next to the Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) building. Thanks to the folks at Freightliner for offering such a warm welcome to visitors and welcome home to residents for many years. Unfortunately, the company had the roof replaced last year and the sign has never been replaced.

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