It was a spectacular sunrise this morning over Maine, full of deep pinks and purples.

This is my favorite time of year to work the morning show. For much of the year, my drive to work is pitch dark. And, for a few short weeks in the summer, is in bright sunlight. But this time of year, I get to see the sunrise on my drive, which is a pretty awesome way to start the day.

Now, remember, I get up at 3:15, so when I say that you 'slept in,' you still may have been up by 6:00, since sunrise right now is at 5:09 a.m. So, no judgement if you didn't see it. I stopped on my drive in and snapped a picture over Swett's Pond in Orrington so you could enjoy it, even though you were happily snoozing when it spread its colors over Maine.

Have a good Monday.

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