Chris Young brings his Losing Sleep Tour to Bangor Friday night. What does his set look like? 

Spoiler alert, we have an idea of what Chris Young will play when he brings his tour to Bangor. We know some of the excitement of a concert is wondering what they'll play next. Don't read further if you want his performance to be a total surprise.

However, if you're curious if he'll perform your favorite tune, we have a rough idea of what his set will include. Obviously the order and tunes may change, but according to this is what his set looked like earlier in the tour.

Chris Young performed this set in Illinois:

  1. Losing Sleep
  2. Gettin' You Home
  3. Voices
  4. Lonely Eyes
  5. Who I Am With You
  6. Hangin' On
  7. Sober Saturday Night
  8. Aw Naw
  10. I Can Take It From There
  11. Tomorrow
  12. Save Water, Drink Beer
  13. You
  14. The Man I Want To Be
  15. Think Of You

We'll leave his encore a mystery.

Kane Brown's set looks like an awesome collection of tunes spanning his self-titled full length album, to his early EP's. His set might also feature a mashup of party tunes, and a tune from his second EP that he wrote with Chris Young. Chris talked about writing with Kane in our chat with him last week. Take a listen to our interview with Chris above.

We expect Lanco will introduce the crowd to their debut album Hallelujah Nights, and maybe a cover or two. Hallelujah Nights debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums Chart. It's a fantastic album featuring a well balanced blend of the traditional country sound, with Lanco's flowing classic rock n' roll vibe.

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