The answer to this question surprised me a little bit. Mostly because I feel there might not be quite enough double entendre, or enough creativity. But hey, it's all about perspective I guess. So created a map with the lewdest town name in each state. And guess what they chose for Maine?



That's right, Bangor.'s not that I have a problem with that, I actually think it could be worse. Again, if you wanted to be a bit more creative, you could go with towns like Schoodic, or Owl's Head or Brownville. Or what about Beaver Cove or Dixfield or Jackman?! But I think there's a very specific reason why Bangor was chosen on this list......

They don't know how to pronounce it correctly.

Now I suppose, if you're a flatlander from away, you could easily mispronounce Bangor to sound more like Banger, which could easily then translate to bang-her. So sadly, the joke is kinda lost on us. I would imagine most of us would just roll our eyes, at the thought of yet another person incorrectly saying who we are.

So while we can enjoy that these dorks from somewhere equally stupid came up with what they think is a hilarious send up of the fine folks of Bangor, we can also just sit back and feel a little smarter than they are. Plus, if they really wanted to stick it to us, they should have immediately gone for my favorite Bangor nickname....


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