Maine DOT crews are in Down East Maine, where the morning rain storms caused flooding and damage to the roads.

For many of us in the state, the morning rain was mostly a welcome relief from the heat and humidity of the past few days. When I left for work this morning, it was sprinkling, and had started pouring by the time I got to work. But even that was a pretty minor storm. Apparently, it was a different story along the coast on Wednesday.

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The pictures on the Maine Department of Transportation's Facebook page are of Great Cove Road in Roque Bluffs, showing a roadway that's completely washed away. Obviously, traffic will be detoured around this site, until the road can be repaired.

And that's not the only area that saw flood damage. According to the Maine DOT's New England 511 website, these are the roads that have been affected:

Jonesboro Look Point Road - Reduced to one lane as a small bridge and part of the road is washed out.

Machias Pit Road - Reduced to one lane due to flood damage.

Roque Bluffs Great Cove Road - Closed due to flood damage.

Jonesboro Roque Bluffs Road - Closed due to flooding.

Birch Harbor - Route 186 near Park Entrance closed due to road giving way.

Gouldsboro Route 186 - Closed due to flooding.

Sorrento Route 185 - East Side Road closed due to flooding.

Maine Forest Rangers are aiding in the effort to identify and repair flood damage. A Forest Ranger helicopter has been dispatched to the Ranger Station in Jonesboro to help out.

Updates on road conditions will be posted on the New England 511 website.

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