Besides the obvious:  Winter jackets and hats and gloves and boots.  It is a snowy, windy, chilly start to Friday.

This is for those that are still in pajamas, but intend to get dressed today ... sometime today.

Today, wear red.

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Lots of people look great in red. Some people never wear colors that are as bold as red. But there’s a reason to do so today

Today is National Wear Red Day.

Ever hear of it?

Me neither.

But, this is not a “Hallmark Holiday.” Wear red has a purpose. And it’s a very good purpose.

Wear red day is to bring awareness for heart disease in women. And isn’t that the way to bring change, to get more and more people aware and into the need for change. Like beating cancer.

So every little thing helps the movement.

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Wear red. Build awareness of the issue of heart disease and strokes in women. The leading cause of death for both men and women is indeed heart disease. So any attention we can get focused on progress in reducing those numbers is a good thing.

If you are wearing red, and someone says anything about how nice the color looks on you, there is a chance to tell that person why you’re wearing red today.

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And hopefully, business people, and hospitals and school teachers and others will wear red and it will encourage donations to The American Heart Association to fight this horrible disease.

Maybe today plow drivers can wear red. And all the other essential service providers who are out doing what they do for all of us today.

Go Red.

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